About Us

Buddhas, Figurines and other thoughtful gifts with meaning.Global Deltas Interiors began life in June 2005 as a retail outlet, based in Port Pirie in the beautiful Southern Flinders area of South Australia. The business is run by a mother (Georgina) and daughter (Kim). Feedback from customers outside Port Pirie indicated that they could not access some items we stock so the online store was born to meet these customers’ needs.

We have become aware that many customers wish to buy gifts or products for themselves that have meaning. This may be a reflection of the world we live in today where many people are seeking a deeper understanding. Therefore we source these types of inspirational and meaningful gifts that demonstrate to the person receiving the gift that the giver has taken time to find a gift that reflects the person’s character or has special meaning.

We have a commitment to providing great customer service and our retail outlet has many return customers. Value for money is very important to use and we strive to find quality products at reasonable prices

We hope we can be of service and if you are ever in Port Pirie please call in to see us.